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WAU Minibeasts


Our World Around Us topic this term is Minibeasts. This is a great time to explore your natural environment and enjoy the good weather. I will include activities that the children can complete and have fun at the same time. They will incorporate other aspects of the curriculum too. 
Week 1 explore your garden and find out what minibeasts live there. Match the minibeasts to their habitat.

week 2 identify the names of the minibeasts and put them into alphabetical order

week 3 classify the minibeasts into those that can fly and cannot fly. Classify minibeasts by how many legs they have. 

week 4 design your own minibeast using junk material from around the house

week 5 complete a report on your favourite minibeast. Include its appearance, where does it live? what does it eat? interesting fact and a picture

week 6 look for birds in your garden. Can you identify the names of the birds? what is your favourite bird? Tell me an interesting fact about them.

week 7 make a bird feeder for your garden. 

Please send the teachers photographs of any work on minibeasts that you have completed and we can upload them to the website so the children can see their friends at work. Thanks again for all your support