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Severe Weather

Severe Weather

NOTE: you will be informed of closures by our TEXT service.                                                                  

We all dread the cold weather - snow, frost and ice! We only have to remember the winter of some years ago...... We will always try to open the school. There are times however, when senior staff/Principal need to weigh up risks and ultimately decide to close early or indeed, not open at all. I must ensure our children and staff are safe! 

We have a supply of salt/grit and Colin, our caretaker is equipped to keep our entrances clear (as best he can in weather conditions).When transport links become dangerous, the heating or water supply compromised, closure may be the only option. I have attached 2 key documents that all schools must consider:

  • Principal's Check List
  • Home to School Transport


Education Authority/Dept. of Education Guidance