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To live, love and learn in a catholic community

Primary three curriculum overview


Outline of Primary Three Curriculum


  • Communication (Literacy)
  • Mathematics and Numeracy
  • World Around Us (History, Geography, Science)
  • ICT
  • The Arts (Art, Music, Drama)
  • Personal Development and Mutual Understanding (PDMU)
  • Religion
  • Physical Development and Movement (PE)


Reading (in school)

  • We aim to create independent, keen and enthusiastic readers
  • Oxford Reading Tree is the main reading scheme.
  • We encourage the children to use a variety of strategies to work out (decode) unfamiliar word, such sounds and letters, pictures smaller words inside bigger words etc.


Reading (at home)

  • Always make reading positive and enjoyable.
  • Encourage children to use a loud, clear voice.
  • Encourage independence
  • Discuss stories and ask questions.






In Primary Three children should become independent writers through a variety of writing activities such as missing words, true or false, jumbled sentences, comprehension and creative writing.

We have a big focus on:

  • Letter formation
  • Capital/lower case letters
  • Using lines to guide writing.




Areas – Processes


  Shape and Space

  Data Handling



  • We focus in developing mathematical skills, language and thinking.
  • New maths ideas are reinforced by practical work and mental maths.
  • We have a big focus on problem-solving and investigation, where children are encouraged to explore different options to a problem.
  • We provide a variety of opportunities to develop numeracy outside school, such as an outside shape hunt.





  • World Around Us topics incorporates History, Geography and Science

Our topics are -  

-Houses and Homes



-Irish Myths and Legends

-Famous People




  • We follow the ‘Alive-O’ Programme
  • There is a big focus on themselves and others around them, how they are responsible for their own actions.
  • P3 children will make their First Confession this year.
  • Important dates

-First Confession Assembly – Tuesday 10th March, 6.30pm

-First Confession – Tuesday 31st March, 1.00pm



  • Children will express their feelings and develop self-awareness.
  • We will discuss health and safety issues.
  • The programme will explore relationships within their family, school and community.
  • PDMU lessons are achieved through ‘circle time’ activities.



  • P3a P.E day is on Tuesday.
  • P3b P.E day is on Wednesday
  • Children should wear their P.E gear on this day.



  • Both Primary 3 classes are timetabled to attend the computer suite twice a week. Primary three children will complete a number of ICT tasks such as making a PowerPoint and creating an invitation.


The Arts

  • Music and drama will be completed through the Alive-O programme and World Around Us topics.
  • Art and design will be linked to celebrations in our calendar year and connected to our World Around Us Topic.



  • Primary 3 homework will reflect learning in school.
  • Please encourage independence; your child should be able to complete most homeworks independently.
  • Homework will go home on a Monday and should be returned to school on a Friday.
  • Spelling and reading should be done every night.