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Primary 4

World bee day is this week. Please feel free to do any of these activities at home.

P4 teachers have decided to do a little art competition based on our topic Minibeasts. We would like you to design your own flower/flowers for the minibeast garden. Using any spare materials/junk that you might have at home. Please send your flowers to us via seesaw and we will choose a winner from each class. You have 2 weeks to complete it. We will pick a winner on Monday 25th May.There will be a prize for the winner in each class. ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐Ÿ…

P4C 1) N.M. 2) L.R.M. 3) M.D. 4) H.W. 5) K.H. 6) T.R. 7) C.G. 8) E.K. 9) L.L. 10) E.H.

Welcome to our Primary 4 page...

Our teachers are Mr McConville, Miss Murphy and Mr Hughes. We are working very hard this year, learning lots of new concepts.

We have had a very busy start to Primary 4!


In our first term we will learn all about ourselves in WAU and what makes us different to the other people in our class. We also learn about WW2 and Minibeasts. 


During our Numeracy lessons we understand the value of numbers up to 1000, money, fractions, times tables and measures whilst always trying to sharpen our problem solving skills!


In Literacy we will be trying to achieve as many 100% scores as we can in Accelerated Reader whilst also exploring books such as Fantastic Mr Fox and The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark.


We also remember that we have a very important event in our lives coming up after Easter, OUR FIRST HOLY COMMUNION!


We thank you all for your continued support and hard work.


The Primary 4 team.