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P6 Group 1

We appreciate that this is a very uncertain time for everyone. The health and safety of the St Aloysius PS community is a priority. However, the P6 pupils have worked hard this year and it is our aim, with your help, that they will maintain their knowledge. The work listed below is to revise and consolidate previous learning. We acknowledge that with regard to the Transfer preparation parents may be more concerned. However, all P6 pupils are in the same position so hopefully in time arrangements will be made to accommodate the current situation.

When trying to complete the Practice Papers remember the full curriculum has not yet been taught so they will at times be a challenge. Use the Study Books for support or try searching online for approaches to particular questions. If you have a concern please contact ourselves via Seesaw and we will endeavour to provide support, where possible. Please do not get overly concerned with completing the papers in a timed test situation, rather look upon them as a learning opportunity. We will address any major concerns or curriculum areas upon return.

The format per week:

  • Mental Arithmetic – 1 page per week until book completed  
  • Times Tables – 1 page per week until book completed
  • Comprehension activity one per week provide below
  • Grammar & Punctuation task one per week provided below
  • Maths tasks: Number and a topic task provided below
  • Mathletics tasks assigned. Remember pupils are free to complete other tasks also.

Transfer Practice papers – Please ration these as advised below.

  • Numeracy paper – one per week: Wk 1-8
  • Literacy paper - one per week: Wk 1-8
  • Numeracy & Literacy one per week: Wk 1-8. Wk 9 onwards 2 per week

Provision will be made to purchase Summer Preparation Packs in June.

Mr Traynor & Mrs Brennan

Home-schooling Practice Paper Advice