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P3 Week 6 Group 2

Week 6 – Monday 4th May –Friday 8th May


Mental Maths

Gp2 – First Mental Arithmetic 1 – Section 2 check up 2 - questions 3+4 

Number Written Activity – Addition and subtraction – Round up 1 - using your 100 square if needed -  photo* - write out and complete in your green exercise book

Reinforcement Number Activity –  Select – find a number –   +/- up to 30

Topic Written Activity - NHM Shape, Measure and Data Handling – Pg 28

  • Sort numbers for odd and even and more and less than 25 into the Carroll diagrams

Reinforcement Topic Activity –  Split a page in half into odd and even - in your green book and sort the following numbers 41,57,25,34,21,17,9,12,86,94,100



Gp2 - Schofield and Sims Early Comprehension 2 pg 21 – match and pg22 – select the correct sentence.

Grammar – His and Hers – write out and record in your green exercise books section A.

* Photo

Word Work – Work your way through the word lists and practice how to read, write and spell any words that you do not know.

Reading – Please use Bug Club