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P3 Week 10 Group 1

Week 10 – Monday 1st June – Friday 5th June 


Mental Maths

Gp 1 - Schofield and Sims First Mental Arithmetic 4 - Section 2 session 5 -part B

Number Written Activity –Primary 3 Problem Solving Booklet (See appropriate date)

Topic Written Activity – Primary 3 Money Booklet (See appropriate date) 

Reinforcement Topic Activity – Select mixed coins- give change to £1



Gp1 - Schofield and Sims Early Comprehension 3 pg 29– Read headline and circle the sentence that fits the headline and pg 30 – read comprehension and sequence. 

Grammar – initial blends – write out and record in your green exercise books sections A, B and C.

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Word Work – Work your way through the word lists and practice how to read, write and spell any words that you do not know.

Reading – Please use Bug Club