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School And Eco Council

We made Suggestion Pockets for all the classes

School Council September 2017 Making Plans

P2 planting flowers for Easter in the polytunnel

P2 planting flowers for Easter in the polytunnel 1
P2 planting flowers for Easter in the polytunnel 2
P2 planting flowers for Easter in the polytunnel 3
P2 planting flowers for Easter in the polytunnel 4
P2 planting flowers for Easter in the polytunnel 5
P2 planting flowers for Easter in the polytunnel 6

Recycling Workshop at the Irish Linen Centre and Museum

The Eco Warriors and Student Councillors enjoyed making toys from recyclable materials.  They were very creative from using cardboard boxes to make robots to plastic bottles to make rockets.  Great fun was had bu all.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Councillors have been busy making new playground resources 👭👬

Welcome to St Aloysius Primary School's School and Eco-Council Webpage. This page will tell you about our council and some of the ideas we have. As a councillor we go to meetings, make suggestions and decisions as well as get involved in projects that the school runs.


The Eco-Council cares for our school environment. We help others to follow our eco-code such as putting litter in the bin, turning off taps and lights and not leaving the computers on stand by. We monitor our energy use in class and encourage teachers and children to recycle.  Through our Green Teacher Award we reward our most eco friendly teacher with a certificate and 'green' gift.


The School Council is responsible for giving a voice to all the children in our school. We gather opinions and ideas in an effort to improve our school. We help the PTFA raise money by assisting them at events. We encourage healthy living by running events such as Walk to School Week.


Aims for the future:

  • Improve our school gardens - new raised beds to grow our own flowers and vegetables.
  • Continue our walking / cycling / scooting to school in partnership with Sustrans.
  • Reduce the amount of paper we use in school and encourage people to recycle.
  • Take part in 'The Big Spring Clean' 
  • Cash for clobber week in November



School and Eco Council Visit Stormont Parliament Buildings

Update January 2017


Councillors have been busy coming up with new initiatives to improve their school. From next month an 'Eco Teacher of the Month' award will be given to the teacher who has been recycling and saving energy the most. The councillors will be monitoring the number of times their bins are filled amongst other things so .....teachers beware.....they are watching!

Very soon every classroom will have a suggestion box for children to put ideas on how to improve the school or the school day. These ideas will be discussed at council meetings and acted upon if they are approved by all members.

Lastly, all Councillors will be visiting Stormont Parliament Buildings in February to meet some local politicians. Look out for the photos coming soon.

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Picture 2

The new council gets to work!

After much campaigning the new council has been elected. At our first meeting the children designed a new logo for the council of 2016/17. They all received their badges and accepted their nominations. New timetables have been drawn up for duties and Colin took the children to the bin area to explain the rules 👍.