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Primary 7

Fun & Games In Primary Seven

Hi everyone,

Welcome to our P7 page. Our teachers are Mrs Brennan and Mrs Freeman. We continue to work very hard in Primary Seven and as the oldest pupils in the school, we realise we have the responsibility to be great role models. We act as House Captains, P1-P3 Monitors, reading buddies with Primary Two and represent our classes as Eco Warriors and members of the School Council. Our teachers also prepare us for the next step in our education journey- our move to BIG SCHOOL!


We consolidate all our previous learning in Number, Shape & Space, Data handling and measure. We also extend our learning in these topics through practice, mental activities, practical work, real-life investigations, group activities etc.


We’ll have lots of opportunities to unleash our creativity and develop our self -confidence through discussion, presentations, poetry and drama. Using the Accelerated Reading programme we’ll widen the scope of our reading and continue to extend our language and comprehension skills. We will implement our growing vocabulary and language skills in our writing across the curriculum.

World Around Us

Our first topic is Needs & Wants where we explore the difference between needs and wants and recognise the vital role of Aid workers throughout the world.  We look at Water in a very diverse manner, examining rivers and carrying out investigations. We independently investigate the Victorians, though the teachers do provide some guidance. We use ICT as a research and presentation tool for this topic.

The Arts

Keep free space on the fridge for the fantastic art work we produce in P7. From portraits, Picasso heads, Victorian tiles and topic based art using multimedia and techniques.

Through our religion, assemblies and exploring our novels we get the opportunity to experience many aspects of drama and role play.

Music will be embedded in all our learning through song, dance, drama and role play. We’ll learn to read music through the recorder and have access to a variety of tuned and unturned percussion instruments which we’ll use to create and record our own music.


Our swimming lessons continue in the third term when we try to beat our previous personal best of the longest unbroken swim we can achieve. We also take part in mini games, gymnastics, althletics and dance and enjoy having the opportunity to experience PE specialists at times throughout the year.


We are proud of our ICT portfolios and this year we show our ICT skills through a number of CCEA UICT Tasks. These challenge us to a very high level as well as ensure we target a wide range of ICT skills. We are looking forward to using ipads to improve our learning experience across many curricular areas.


The main emphasise this year is on our Confirmation. It takes a lot of spiritual preparation. On our special day we make our family, friends and school very proud.

We are looking forward to our pre Confirmation Retreat.


‘Our Differences Fit’ is the main theme in which we explore similarities and differences within our class, school, community and wider world.

We also take time to reflect on the new challenges ahead in our transition to secondary education.  Through discussion, practical activities and visits from outside agencies we will hopefully be well prepared for the exciting times ahead.

Confirmation 2017

Confirmation 2017 1