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To live, love and learn in a catholic community

Primary 6

Opera cat duet in B flat- taught by Mrs Tracey Music teacher

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Critical Media Literacy Project

Practical maths using Izak9

Hi everyone welcome to Primary 6. Our teachers are Mrs McDowell and Mr McCann. We are a hard working bunch who are trying to become independent young people but we still find time to have fun.




We are very busy covering the areas of Number, Shape & Space, Data Handling and Measure. Through group activities, games, investigations and mental maths we try to make maths a practical learning experience.




Talking comes easily to most of us in Primary 6 though some of us find listening a challenge! The teachers encourage all children to contribute to discussion across the curriculum and we realise that everyone's opinion in important. We enjoy and are actively involved in role play, drama, assemblies, group work and through these experiences we hope to become competent speakers and listeners.

We understand how important reading is in Primary 6. We have a great selection of exciting novels which we use as our group readers. We also have a shared class novel and access to a class and school library. We even make time every day for 10 minutes silent reading. Ssh!

We try to put all our punctuation and grammar skills into practice to produce interesting, imaginative pieces of writing. Not only are we encouraged to edit our own work but we have a go at self and peer assessment.


World Around Us

We learn all about the Human Body and to keep it healthy in Primary 6. Did you know you have 206 bones in your body? We even go on a voyage of discovery with the Vikings. We discover where they came from, what life was like in their homeland and why they became raiders. Did you know Vikings never actually had horns on their helmets?


The Arts


We turn our classroom into art galleries to display our fantastic work based on the sea, self portraits, Vikings and Irish Artists. We get to use many artistic techniques and materials to be creative.




We are very lucky to attend Lisburn Leisureplex for weekly swimming lessons in Term 2. We also get to experience games, athletics, hockey and dance. We often have P.E. specialists taking us for a series of lessons.




We have a great I.C.T Suite with an individual computer for us all. We complete a series of tasks which allows us to show off our high level of I.C.T. skills. We become competent in problem solving using Logo, desk top publishing using Publisher, composing at screen using WORD, using a virtual learning environment and animation.




We use the AliveO scheme to explore themes such as creation, God's never ending love and Our Parish. Through our religion we realise the importance of respecting and caring for others and property and the importance of a loving family and friendships.




We use the Helping Hands project to explore the area of Professional Development and Mutual Understanding. The Helping Hands Project gives us the chance to talk about our feelings, how to cope with bad feelings, who we should turn to for help and how to keep safe. At the end we have a bright colourful workbook full of our personal thoughts, feelings and hopes.